The Yoga classes are designed to help you relax, unwind, stretch and strengthen.

In each class we start with some grounding and breathing exercises to give you time to unwind and let go of any stresses from the day. We then begin to warm up the body, gradually increasing the flow and working through a series of standing stretches. We will work though a different series of yoga positions each class offing a full body stretch and strengthen. We will gradually wind the class down to seated and lay down poses and finish in Savasna where you will get to relax and unwind with essential oils and an optional gentle head massage.

Expect to feel stretched and strengthened while feeling wonderfully refreshed and relaxed.


I run a selection of beginners yoga and yoga flow classes throughout the week.


Beginners Yoga

This class is perfect if you have no previous experience of Yoga, limited flexibility and fitness levels. In each class we run through posture and alignment, with a slow and steady flow through the Asana’s (Poses). I begin to build your awareness to the names and positions of the poses as we begin to build strength and flexibility in your body while starting to bring awareness to the breath and out of the busy mind. This class is great if you are completely new or if you would like to get back to basics in your yoga practice. We finish with relaxation where I incorporate mindfulness and breathing techniques you can take home and use to help in your day to day life. Plus a relaxing essential oil head massage. Bliss.


Yoga Flow (Dynamic)

This Yoga class is faster and sweatier. It is brilliant for those wishing to push themselves a little harder. We move through more challenging Asana’s adding in more vinyasas to get the heart beating and the blood pumping. I still incorporate seated stretches and finish with a relaxing shavasan but expect a good workout in between. This Yoga class is amazing for building strength and getting your cardio fix while looking deeper into Pranayama (Breath) and mind body connection. This class is open to beginners to experienced Yogis, though I would suggest a level of fitness and mobility to take part in the class.


Yoga 1-1 sessions available.


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