My name is Lisa and I am a Pilates and Yoga instructor in Kidderminster, Stourport, Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas. I am HFE Pilates qualified with a level 3 diploma in teaching mat bases Pilates and Yogahaven 200 Yoga teacher training. I have been practising Yoga and Pilates for over ten years.

I first came across Pilates and Yoga when I suffered a back injury while working as a nanny for a boy with Cerebral Palsy. I had my injury for a year and despite frequent visits to physiotherapists and chiropractors, I was only benefiting from short term relief. I was advised to try Pilates or Yoga. I Started both. With the Pilates exercises I began to increase strength in my core and back and with the Yoga I began to stretch and move in ways I hadn’t for years and the pain began to disappear. From that moment I was hooked. I am passionate about Pilates and Yoga and love bringing that passion and my knowledge to the classes I teach. When I started I couldn’t reach my toes (I was about a foot away) and  the idea of finding my core muscles was lost on me, but with time, patience and practice I felt stronger and more flexible than I would have imagined. 

I believe that Pilates and Yoga are the most effective ways of mobilising, strengthening, stretching and bringing balance to the body. Like in the words of Joseph Pilates “if, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If, at 60 you are supple and strong, then you are young” 

I continue to grow and build on my knowledge of the body, movement , the Pilates method and Yoga: I have recently completed Nisha Srivastava’s course called Spinal revolution which focuses on using Pilates effectively to help people with back and neck pain and increase mobility of the spine.

In the Pilates classes I start the session with posture alignment, balance and warm up exercises then progress to a series of Pilates exercises to strengthen and work the whole body. I then finish the session with gentle stretching and some relaxation: this gives you time to unwind and relax while calming the mind and body, because everybody deserves a bit of ‘you time’. 

I believe that Pilates should strengthen the whole body, bringing balance to the muscles and allowing the body to work and move effectively. Modern day life puts many strains on our bodies and our posture; in my class I aim to reverse and repair these issues making you feel the best you can. Pilates can help with many pains and injuries, is an effective tool for rehabilitation, a bridge to get into exercise or in conjunction with other fitness training. My classes are aimed at getting you to know your body, working to a level that suits you so you can leave feeling stronger, taller, confident and refreshed.

In the Yoga classes we start with some simple grounding and breathing exercises, giving you time to quieten the mind and connect with the breath. At the start of the class you set an intention to your practice. We then move through sun salutations, standing flow and balances to warm up and strengthen. As the class progresses we slow down the pace, moving down onto the mat for some deeper stretching and then finishing with Savasana and optional essential oil head massage, allowing the body to rest and recover, finally cooling down and coming into a deep relaxation.

I believe that Yoga is more than fitness. Its about connecting mentally, physically and emotionally. Its about that hour spent on your mat where you can escape, unwind, let go of any stress and worry and be your self. No ego, no self-doubt, building strength mentally and physically. Most of all I encourage each person to be themselves. To love their individuality and love their practice. At the end of each class I want each person to leave feeling ten times better than when they first arrived; relaxed, strengthened, stretched and content.

As a teacher of Pilates and Yoga my job is to teach and to guide. Not just the exercises but to build up your body awareness and give you the ability to take this knowledge into your daily lives. It is my passion in life and I feel blessed every day to be able to share this passion.

My classes are open to everybody, from very beginners to more advanced. I believe exercise should be affordable to all so my prices are kept low, making Pilates and Yoga accessible to all.

If a class situation isn’t for you or you wish to deepen you knowledge and practice with a class tailored to what you need, I teach Yoga or Pilates in 1-1 sessions or a mix of both to increase strength and flexibility.  

1-1 sessions are tailored to each persons individual needs and comprise of both Pilates and Yoga exercises so each person can get the results they want.


Yoga and Pilates 1-1 sessions can be arranged for a time and place that suits you. I have rooms in Kidderminster and Stourbridge or home visits can be arranged. I offer group sessions too.


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