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Before each semester, all students will firmly promise to myself “Well, that’s the year I will not skip lectures, do all assignments and generally become an excellent student”. Here only to fulfill their promises units fails. As a rule, after a week of promises are forgotten, and instead couples the careless student is going to drink coffee/beer/something stronger with the same hapless lazy classmates. Of course, by the end of the semester begins to saturate, and then put barely session all the promises again. And so from year to year hundreds of thousands of students repeat the same mistakes. Vgorode decided to talk with those who managed to rein in his student too lazy to study on the fine:

Kate Stecenko, 4th year, medical-prophylactic faculty, University. Bogomolets

– I study at Bogomolets, not enough time, in principle. My incentive now-a scholarship, a good education in the end. In the long term, want to leave to work abroad. I’m still working. How to combine goes – honestly, I don’t know. Often learn something in the transport. In General, I believe that “scores” to study the student who has no motivation, one that to learn never wanted. Scholarship or other kinds of encouragement, such as parents or teachers can be a powerful motivation at a crucial time when the student will face a choice to go “hang out” all to learn and to go to bed early. From myself I can advise to have an internal incentive to motivate yourself constantly.

“After the second five do not want to spoil the record book other assessments”

Ekaterina Bozhko, graduated from University in 2012, economic Cybernetics, KPI

– Most importantly, set a goal – to get an education, not a diploma. Honestly, I somehow happened all by itself. The first five, second – and do not want to spoil the reversal of the grade book other assessments. Therefore, over things that were difficult had to “sweat”. A good incentive is the so-called “Bologna system”. You just know that if during the semester will score 95 to 100 points, you get a “excellent” by the machine. If not lazy all semester, then in session, just relax. So whoever finished the semester with “automatic” will rest for a month more than others. Well, sin student to catch hold of this opportunity! And then I learn it was interesting. There were problems in the session, and drinking-partying-concerts, and part time job. Even a couple I skipped in favor of Dating. But all this did not prevent me to go to the main goal – to fill the head with information. Want to be an achiever, be. Find a way to interest yourself in their studies. Well, if it does not work, it is better to change the specialty to the one that you like.

Competition is a great thing

Daria Gerasimova, KNU. Taras Shevchenko, faculty of law, 3rd year

– First of all I am learning on a budget, so that success in study depends on my scholarship.

Second, I give the installation, that it is better to study during the semester and not leave everything for the session and then to be killed before examinations.

Besides, I’m in a band quite a lot of strong students and not to mouth back I forced myself to fight them for points. And of course, if you learn – you start to love from the teachers and note for yourself who to make concessions and then how to take the subject at a particular student. Perhaps I do not belong to “favorites”, but almost always getting sufficient understanding from teachers. A secret I confess, the most in school helps me a smartphone with the Internet fast looking for the answer and raise my hand, to add to what is not said in the discussion! It is generally easier for additional points.

Docheva in the bus

Julian Moskalenko Administrative management, 5 year, Institute of management and business.

– Influences on school teaching staff, and there’s no escape. The desire to teach and be taught has to be mutual. Fortunately, I have a great memory and if the event concerned material covered, I just reproduced the lecture in its processing. Teachers it’s insanely amused, because in addition to proper feeding of the material I added your opinion and analysis of the situation. Not gonna lie, always prepared in advance – often learning something new in the bus and just before the lectures. And yet we in the University there is a cafe with Billiards. The company we playing, so went there often, before and after, and sometimes during pairs. Very helpful before the seminars. You come in, you win one or two games and all – just rose-esteem, have more confidence and you’re ready to move mountains, not what the workshop what to tell you.

Everything else being good a good way to arrange his personal life. We need to continue to communicate with your classmates – you’ll definitely find the boy/girl that you like, but if you’re going to be a good deal, he will turn to you for help, here turn on all his charm, and “the office”.

5 tips on how to become an excellent student and hold the “great” position

1. Good to start learning the current material – teach it wherever they can: in the canteen, in the bus, in the subway, in the hallway outside the office of a teacher. At any moment, when you’re not doing anything. Learned? Get to the pointtwo.

2. Earn the first few fives. Then he did not want to dirty the record book in other assessments.

3. Earn credibility – first you work on the assessment, then the assessment for you. Much easier to get extra balls, when your record book is replete with fives.

4. Keep your point – teachers love when a student has his eyes on the question. A clear position in any topic of discussion – the first sign that the person understood and learned the material.

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