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Monthly crystal singing bowls sound bath

Dates- Jan 22nd, Feb 26th, march 26th, April 23rd 2022 7.30-8.30 PM

A guided relaxing meditation to settle into the practice followed by a Crystal sound healing bath to balance the body, mind and soul.


What Is A Crystal Sound Bath?

No need to bring a swimsuit along, because there isn’t any water (or actual bathing) involved at all.

Instead, a crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of The crystal Singing bowls, to lull you into a peaceful, relaxed and mindful state of being.

Bring blankets, pillows, mats and comfortable cloths as the more comfortable you are the better you can relax. You really can bring as much as you like.

Then Lie down. Listen. And Let go.
Sound healing (also known as sound therapy or sound meditation) is comparable to meditation and mindfulness, but with no effort required on behalf of the participant. The sound does the work. Sound-baths are for everyone interested in finding a way to relax, sleep better, destress and declutter the mind.

Clients participate by “lying down, listening and letting go” while i play instruments including crystal bowls, chimes and ocean drums. The client is surrounded by the sounds and vibrations which result in a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

Some things to consider before your sound bath:

-Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Sound waves travel better through water. When you are well hydrated, you will have a better experience.
-Eat light and healthy food. A sound bath becomes more impactful when you have an empty stomach.
-Set your intentions and be positive. Sound baths can been deeply relaxing but they can also go deeply into emotions. Be willing to relax and let go as you move through the sound bath and whatever comes up for you. More details available here

-Wear warm, comfortable and flexible clothing.
-Try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your sound bath to settle yourself in the space with a calm mind.
-you might fall asleep. That’s ok. You can feel very relaxed. The sound bath still works on a cellular level even if you sleep the whole way through.

All levels and abilities welcome. Book via Bookwhen bookings page. -follow link-


Yoga and sound bath workshops


Saturday 22nd 2022 5-7pm £25

A 2 hour yoga and sound workshop for everything you need to know about Yoga. Breathing, relaxation, movement and posture. Finishing with a taster of crystal bowl sound bath.

What to expect-

We will begin this workshop with 10 minutes of yoga breathing and relaxation technique.

Followed by 50 minutes of simple beginners yoga. We will look at some poses, posture, alignment and give you all the tools to feel confident to start a your yoga journey.

This will be finished with a 15 minute savavsana with a guided body scan to full relax.

There will be a 10 minute toilet and drink break.

And we will finish the workshop with a 30 minute sound bath with the crystal singing bowls. These bowls will guide you into a deep relaxation to fully heal and restore you. Giving the body time to rest, relax and recharge.

This workshop is designed to give you a full taster of everything yoga. For the complete beginner to get an idea of what yoga is.

No experience required. No equipment needed as everything will be provided.

Please wear comfortable cloths that you can move freely in, a drink and a warm blanket to wrap yourself up in for the sound bath.