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Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga updated their cover photo.
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Our window is full of fresh rolls and pittas today. And all money raised goes to the bike project. Pop along today for your fresh bread. X
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Fresh pittas and rolls in the shop next Saturday 🥳

We will have 12 rolls and 12 pittas on offer on Saturday. Handmade using sourdough starter, and full of the best ingredients. We Will have multi seed rolls and malted pittas. They only have flour, water, salt and seeds and 💯 vegan. Unfortunately no good for people with allergies.

These baked joy filled bundles will keep for three or four days or even a bit longer although obviously nicer when fresh. And even suitable for home freezing.

And the best bit......the money made goes 💯 to a charity called The Bike Project. This charity Refurbish bikes for refugees. With Offices in Birmingham and London.
The cost.... we will be charging 35p each for a pitta bread or roll. But please bring cash as it will go straight in the collection pot. Oh and also your own bags and tubs so you can carry them home. Or if your anything like me then fresh bread doesn’t always make it home. Mmmmm that smell🤤.

Next Saturday at
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
All stocked up with butterbelle nut butters. What’s your favourite flavour???

What flavours have we got I hear you ask?.....

Raspberry and cashew
Gingerbread almond butter
Tigernut and cashew butter
Pumpkinseed spread(my fav🥰)
Chia spiced almond butter
Cacao orange cashew butter
Vanilla espresso almond butter
Hazelnut and cacao spread

Plus tahini and peanut butter with chia and flax. Jars and loose.

So much autumn porridge lovin goodness
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Savoury joy 🍁🍂

Mini za’atar spiced flat bread with tomato and cheese £2 each

Smoky Cajun bbq pulled jack fruit and cheese pastries £2

At the cafe today.

Also don’t forget we are closed tomorrow (Sunday) happy weekend 💚
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Saints 😇 and sinners 👹
A balanced diet means a little bit of what you like. Eating the good for you foods and having the odd treat to balance it out. Today in the fridge we have a very good example of saints and sinners. We have a super immune busting salad. This is the sort of salad I make in winter to eat on the side of all the warming hearty stews and curies. It’s packed with garlic, ginger and lemons with kale and red cabbage. Supper good for helping your body through this season change.
On the sinner side. We have a coconut chocolate and caramel tort. It’s got a layer of coconut caramel and topped with coconut ganache. Perfect with a cup of creamy coffee.
Both available in the shop today.

Happy Wednesday 💚

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