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Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga updated their cover photo.
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Salt and pepper.

Did you know we sell salt and pepper? Salt from @droitwich_salt (just up the road, hooray for local) Β£1.20 per 100g and its best friend pepper 28p 10g. You can buy as little or as much as you like. And that’s one of the best things about a plastic free shop. You can buy as much as you like. No waste, no excess products lying around forgotten in the cupboard. Just the right amount that you need. Fill up those pepper pots. Top up those grinders. And pay for how much you need. No plastic. Not packaging. Jus salt and pepper. πŸ’š
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
It’s Wednesday and yes we are open. To fill your bellies and your larders. All stocked up with your plastic free products. Mixed nuts and muesli back in stock. And what a fridge of goodies also.

With the camera we have
-Smokey paprika potato’s and butterbeans
-mixed juicy fresh salad
-minty kale slaw
-Surat chia slaw and sweet potato
-beetroot and butter bean
-Italian pesto
-cauliflower pickle

Cakes 🍰
-raw vegan pecan pie and tiramisu
-raw pecan brownies
-chocolate brownies
-cherry bakewell blondie

And steamy hot garlic and tomato flat bread.

Getting you over that mid week slum.

Food that grows, helps your body grow.🌱

Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga

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