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Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Sue Crowe is a truly love customer and human. I met her through the cafe and bonded over all the wonderful conversations we have. Oh the things I have learnt😂.
She and 44 others have joined together to share their spiritual stories in a lovely book called reluctantly psychic. This book is full of individual stories from men and women across the world. From all walks of life. These stories are open, honest and full of inspiration about how these people have transitioned into their spiritual journeys. This book brings love and inspiration and eradicated the stigma behind being psychic. (I truly believe we all have a little in us) I am already a few stories in and absolutely loving it✨. Thank you sue Crowe and all the lovely humans who got together to write this book #reluctantlyphysic
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Watching the sun set on a wonderful day. A day of equal length day and night. The autumn equinox. A day of cool foggy mornings for boots and jackets. A day of bright sun filled blue sky’s for long iced drinks and catching some rays. And now as the sun sets and the temperature cools. Feeling that transition to autumn all the more. Autumn is such a transformational season. This green lush landscape will begin to turn reds, oranges yellows and browns. The days will turn cooler and the nights darker as we say good bye to summer. Oh what a summer we have had. The Crazy crazy summer of 2020. One we won’t forget for sure. The high and the lows the strangeness and the unexpected.

But right now.... Feeling so blessed to be on this earth 🌍
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Such a wonderful comment and review. Thank you 🙏.
I feel so blessed 🥰 and brimming with that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you read something lovely. 💚💚💚
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Which is your favourite soap??

New order placed soon so get your favourite in shop by commenting below.
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kale and sweet potato salad with a sriracha spiced dressing. In the shop today


Cube and roast a sweet potato
De stalk kale and shred
Finely chop sun dried tomatoes and save some of the oil.

Mix the oil with sriracha chill sauce and vegan mayo. Add a little powder garlic for extra flavour.

Dress the kale. Get your hands in and make sure it’s all coated.

Add the sun dried tomatoes, roasted sweet potato and some toasted omega mix. And serve.

I love this salad at home with the sweet potato still hot.

Delicious ✨
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Gluten free samosas £2 each

Cheesy sun dried tomato organic flat breads £2 each.

To eat in or take away.

Add a salad
Side salad £2
Small salad £3.50
Large salad £5

When it’s sunny nothing beats a lovely fresh salad 💚🥗💚

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